The ‘set’ is an overhead pass used to change the direction of the dig and put the ball in a good position for the spiker.

It is usually the team’s second contact. Setting is the tactical centre of volleyball. A setter must be good enough to keep the big blockers from dominating the net. The setter must feed his or her best hitters while also looking for opponent’s blocking weaknesses (such as a short player on the front line or a slow centre blocker).


DAY 4: VSA CUP, Durban, Friday May 2  2008.

The Fred Crookes Sports Centre at the Durban University Of Technology came alive with high octane volleyball action when the 2008 VSA Cup contenders pulled out all the stops to contest the tournament’s quarter final and semi finals matches. The Durban crowd savoured every minute of the high drama as it unfolded during the course of the day.

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VSA Cup Day 3 Roundup Final Group Matches: VSA CUP, 2008, Durban.Thursday, May 1 2008

Sleek Cape Town outfit, All Star Saints booked their quarter final place by edging out rivals, Grove End and Transverk in today’s final group matches. Stanger’s Grove End will join All Star Saints as group A’s runners up in tomorrow’s (Friday) quarter final stage.

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DAY 2: VSA CUP, Durban (Tuesday, April 30 2008)

While the 2008 VSA CUP favourites stretched their lead at the top of their respective groups, it was action all the way among the rest of the field today (Wednesday, April 30) to grab the runners up position to keep their hopes alive in the tournament.

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